CO2 Insufflator
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Product Details

Item No. Q762

Automatic mute type 

3-stage gas flow selection

Fully automatic alarm function    

Backflow pressure pulse type, more securety

Double gas filtration, double decompression design

Inlet pressure: 0.25-0.6Mpa

Actual abdominal pressure: 0-30mmHg

Setting abdominal pressure: 5-30mmHg

Actual flow: 0-30L/min

Setting flow rate: 10/20/30L/min

Input Voltage: AC110-230V

Microcomputer technology automatically controls the gas flow and abdominal pressure

Advanced pulse gas supply principle, according to setting abdominal pressure value and the actual value adjust the pulse pressure automatically.

Cylinder pressure, the actual abdominal pressure, inflatable flow are digital / touch screen display

With electrical safety protection system, when the abdominal pressure is too high, inflatable needle plug or gas pressure is low, there are sound and light alarm.

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